Current COVID19 Operations

In-Person Music Lessons

Winter Music lessons :

In-person Music Lessons

CMC can provide in-person, on-site music lessons with COVID restrictions. We are registering new music students.

 We will continue offering the online and in-person options, however in-person lessons must follow current COVID guidelines.  

In the Short Term we plan on continuing reduced retail hours of operations.  Retail hours will follow our music lesson schedule.  Initially, that will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings.  Appointments can be arranged for times outside these hours.  

Appointments can be requested by email at

Please note that Voice Messages left from cell phones are often of poor sound quality.  It is often difficult for us to discern your name and our phone number.  Therefore E-mail is the best form of communication at this time.  Our E-mail is

Please follow our Facebook Page  for updates.

We are looking forward to making music.

Mike and team